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Unit Conversion Unit Conversion

All Unit Groups

Length, area and volume converters
All length, area and volume converters

Force, weight and mass converters
All weight and force units, mass units, density units, specific volume units, moment of inertia units (mass), moment of inertia units (area) and mol units

Pressure, energy, power units
All pressure units, energy and work units, power units, torque units

Viscosity units
All dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity units

Temperature units
All temperature units

Velocity and flow units
All velocity units, angular velocity units and flow units, mass flow units

Heat units
All thermal conductivity units, heat transfer coefficient units, specific heat capacity units, heat flux density units

Light units
All luminous intensity units, luminance units and illumination units

Electricity units
All current units, electric potential units, charge units, electric resistance units, electrostatic capacitance units, magnetic flux units, magnetic flux density units, inductance units, radiation - activity units and radiation - exposure units


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