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Unit Conversion Unit Conversion

Dimension Systems

Symbol Value Dimension Unit
$\small l$ Distance and length L ft m
$\small A$ Area L2 ft2 m2
$\small V$ Volume L3 ft3 m3
$\small t$ Time T s s
$\small \omega$ Angular velocity T-1 s-1 s-1
$\small f$ Frequency T-1 s-1 s-1
$\small v$ Velocity LT-1 ft/s m/s
$\small \nu$ Kinematic Viscosity L2T-1 ft2/s m2/s
$\small Q$ Flow L3T-1 ft3/s m3/s
$\small \alpha$ Angular acceleration T-2 s-2 s-2
$\small a$ Acceleration LT-2 ft/s2 m/s2
$\small \rho$ Density ML-3 FL-4T2 slug/ft3 kg/m3
$\small M$ Mass M FL-1T2 slug=
$\small I$ Moment of Inertia ML2 FLT2 slug.ft2 kg.m2
$\small \mu$ Dynamic Viscosity ML-1T-1 FL-2T slug/ft.s kg/m.s
$\small M$ Mass Flow MT-1 FL-1T-1 slug/s kg/s
$\small MV$ Momentum MLT-1 FT lbf.s N.s
$\small Ft$ Impulse MLT-1 FT lbf.s N.s
$\small F\omega$ Angular Momentum ML2T-1 FLT slug.ft2/s kg.m2/s
$\small F\gamma$ Specific weight ML-2T-2 FL3 lbf/ft3 N/m3
$\small p$ Pressure ML-1T-2 FL-2 lbf/ft2 N/m2
$\small \tau$ Shear stress ML-1T-2 FL-2 lbf/ft2 N/m2
$\small E$ Elasticity Module ML-1T-2 FL-2 lbf/ft2 N/m2
$\small F$ Force MLT-2 F lbf N
$\small E$ Energy ML2T-2 FL lbf.ft J
$\small W$ Work ML2T-2 FL lbf.ft J
$\small M$ Moment ML2T-2 FL lbf.ft J
$\small P$ Power ML2T-3 FLT-1 lbf.ft/s W
$\small v$ Specific volume M-1L3 F-1L4T-2 ft3/lbm m3/kg
MLT  : Mass Length Time
FLT  : Force Length Time
USCS  : United States Customary System



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